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GO-TELL Communications
Our Physical Address: 33 Arterial Road West, Bedfordview, South Africa
Our Postal Address: PO Box 751213, Gardenview, 2047 South Africa
Tel:  +27 11 622 4608/9
Fax: +27 11 622 4142
  • Our Banking DetailsABSA Bank, Branch Code:  631205       Account No: 1021591676
(please give your name in the EFT reference section, or fax your deposit to us). Many thanks and may God bless your seed into the Kingdom of Heaven
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Membership Board:
Wanless Anderson                                     Ed Kozlowski                         
Johannes Mabunda                                    Brian Cape        
Keith Strugnell(executive director)           Norman Hanna                   
Niall Thomson                                             Rod Ward
Advisory Board
Dr Louw Alberts                  Rev Paul Alexander
Dr Michael Cassidy            Rev Peter Church(USA)
Dr Wilfred Kent(USA)         Past Ray McCauley
Past Eric Tocknell              Past Lawrence Wilson
Our Story
GO-TELL Communications began as a Christian media ministry in South Africa in 1971. Based on Matthew 28: 7, (And go … tell … He is risen) it was founded by Peter Church and Tony Louch, assisted by Keith Strugnell as “Business Administrator”.
On 25 October, 1972 it was registered under South African law as a Section21 Company.
Since Peter left South Africa in 1974 and Tony left in 1986, Keith has directed the ministry with a dedicated staff and a group of men that form the Board. The ministry has used film (both 16mm and 35mm), video and DVD to present the gospel, been involved with television since this medium's emergence in SA in 1976, and promoted over 150 tours of Christian musicians, evangelists and teachers in its nearly 4 decades of ministry. People and groups like Living Sound, Nicky Cruz, Larry Norman, Norman Vincent Peale, Cliff Richard, Don Francisco, Rochunga Pudaite, Wilf Kent, Steven Curtis Chapman, Steve Green, Terry McAlmon, to name a few. Together with Mission SA GO-TELL was involved in setting up the Billy Graham Telecast for 4 consecutive years in the years 1989-1992.
In 1989, GO-TELL started a meaningful partnership with the Christian Broadcasting Network from the USA, and Keith has been CBN's Regional Director for East & Southern Africa since the early 90s. This partnership has enabled the vision of GO-TELL to be broadened as horizons were extended beyond the borders of South Africa to the continent. Media Blitzes were conducted from 1996 to 2000 in Zaire, East Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa, where CBN blitzed whole nations with the gospel using all media possible, including television, radio, the print media and video, ministering to every strata of society from people in the pews to prisoners in the jails, policemen to nurses and their patients, businessmen to students. By secular survey it can be claimed that more than 10 million people decided for Christ in these Blitzes.
CBN Africa continues to have an influence over viewers on TV networks across the region. More than 35 stations in 12 nations of East & Southern Africa cover an estimated audience of close to 50 million viewers. 700 Club, Turning Point and One Cubed are the ongoing programs that are appreciated across the world and they are making an impact in East & Southern Africa. Several national prayer and counselling centres receive comments from viewers and prayers are offered for a wide range of needs.
Perhaps the most successful evangelistic ministry of GO-TELL/CBN Africa is the Media Ministry Centres (MMCs) that have been established in the townships, informal settlements and rural areas in every province of South Africa. Results have been nothing short of miraculous.
Children's ministry is a much-needed and welcome project in South Africa. Presently it exists just in Orange Farms but with God's help and the support of Christians throughout the land we trust it will spread to all provinces of the country in the same way as the MMCs.
Operation Blessing is a vital part of the ministry and projects like water wells, feeding schemes, day care centres, veggie tunnels and sewing centres have been established across the land. Under God we anticipate a huge increase in this activity in the years ahead.
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